Colored Jeans are a Must Have for Fall!

Chianti, olive, mustard, salmon and plum are just a few of my favorites. No, I am not talking about food; I’m talking about jeans! Colored jeans have blown up this fall. No longer are we bored with the same old blue and black denim, we now have a rainbow of colors to choose from. I’ve learned the brighter, the better. I did some research to find what stores are selling them, and because this is Frugal Fashion, where to get the best deals. This called for a trip to the mall, oh how I love research!

At the Gap, I found the “Legging Jean” which was advertised as “Super Stretchy, Super Soft, Super Skinny.”  They looked like corduroys and came in black, navy, rust, toasted almond, and a burgundy. The price is $59.95, which is high, but at the Gap, you are paying for quality and the jeans will last for a long time. From my own experience, Gap sizes run small, and come in even sizes from 00 to 20, also available in tall and petite.

Forever 21 offers jeans starting at $10.50, which is unheard of. The colors available in denim here are purple, salmon, blue, teal, and so on, even prints! Forever 21 sizes are European.

I talked with a sales associate from Forever 21 to get an understanding on how the colored jeans were selling. “The colored jeans are flying off the shelves. The bright colors were big for summer but now that it is fall we are seeing more neutral colors selling. We sell a leopard print pair of jeans which are slow movers, but can be used for a costume,” said Samantha Krez, sales associate.

Delia’s had the mother load of colored jeans. All of which were bright, red, cobalt, yellow, purple, aqua marine, for only $29.50! Delia’s sizes are in odd numbers. I’m a size 4 in jeans, but when sizes are odd, I tend to go up to a 5 just to be safe.

American Eagle Outfitters have colored jeans, but a slim selection. Only blue and red, which is $44.50, which can be can be costly. Ashley Chiaradio, AE sales associate, said “I think that colored jeans are an acquired taste.  We have really cute sweaters that go perfect with them and I have seen a lot of customers buying them together.”

I personally love colored jeans! I own a pair of white, red, blue, and my favorite, Chianti. If I could only bring one thing out of this world, it would be my chianti jeans. They are from Urban Outfitters and cost $58, a little pricey, but I get my moneys worth out of them because I wear them any chance I get. I love them because they are so comfortable, the perfect length, and another personal favorite, high waisted.

Embrace the 70’s trend and don’t be afraid to be bold this fall!


Fall out of Summer

We are in this strange time of the year where the weather is in a transition period, and it is not quite summer but not fall yet either. The key to dressing in this bizarre weather is layers. During the day, when the sun is still blazing, we can get away with wearing our summer sun dresses, but when it turns cool at night, that is when our layers come in handy. As a college girl, it is important to get the most out of every purchase I make, even if that means transitioning pieces of my summer wardrobe into the fall. It is a big money saver. And quite frankly, I cannot part with Summer just yet. Even celebs in Hollywood are doing it.

There are so many ways to do this, and it is not as hard as you may think. Take your favorite summer dress, add tights underneath with a pair of boots, or even take along a cardigan and scarf. When you dress in layers, it is easy to get through these season-shift days. Do the same with your favorite summer shorts and tanks! This is so easy to do because the bright colors that we wore all summer are still in style for fall. Also, don’t be afraid to wear white all year round. Whoever said not to wear white after Labor Day, was lying. (Or was never a college girl on a budget).

Dressing in layers is not only for summer to fall looks, but also taking an office day-look to a dinner date look. By having key pieces in your wardrobe, you can do anything! Take the little black dress for example, with very minimal accessories; it is the perfect office/professional attire. But when the professional day ends and you plan on getting dinner with friends, there is no sense is bringing a whole new outfit to change into. Just bring along some fun jewelry. Costume jewelry is fun to play with, and cheap too! Forever 21 has great, fun accessories that all college girls can afford.

Not only is this style secret a big money saver, but also a big storage saver! When packing for college it is important to think about space. How many draws does the dresser have? Does the school you attend provide a closet? What about under-the-bed storage? You want to pack items that can be worn all year long. This will get you the most bang for your buck and have a neat and clean dorm room.

Here are some on my favorites.

This is a emerald one-shoulder dress that I wore to graduation parties and even to the beach. Being that it is one-shoulder, I do very minimal accessories because I do not want to take away from the detailed ruffle.

Now this is the same dress, only I added a black long sleeve shirt, stockings, and boots. The emerald color is easy to transition from summer to fall, and even winter, can you say holiday party!? This look is very simple to pull off and cheap too. Everyone has a long-sleeve black tee and tights.

Another favorite look of mine.

This is one of my LBDs. Black is slimming and this cinched waist adds to that effect. I paired the dress with black patent wedges, perfect for dinners and formal summer occasions.

Now with the same LBD, I added tights, gray heel booties and a black blazer. This is a more professional look that I would wear to an interview.

Now I want everyone to raid the summer clothes you just packed away for the season and see what you find. By adding simple items like scarfs, long sleeve tee’s, and tights, you will have a summer to fall transition in no time. But most importantly have fun with it! Please post pictures with the new outfits you come up with!


Hello and Welcome!

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. My name is Amanda Willis and I love clothing, not only clothing, but shoes, jewelry and purses, but what girl doesn’t! Nothing makes me more happy then to flip through the newest fashion magazine and not only see what is the latest trend for the season but also how some of my favorite celebs are wearing them.  I will admit I own more clothing, shoes, and bags, than I know what to do with, but I just cannot help myself! My favorite past time is shopping, but I am a college student, so buying books is more important than a new blouse. Luckily, I have learned over the years how to be a successful college student and have a killer closet too. New trends and styles can be expensive! So to feed my shopping addiction without starving me wallet, I have discovered where to buy the best deals, and that is what I want to share with you all in this blog.  Each week I plan to discuss what some of the latest trends are, how to wear them, and more importantly, where to find them for cheap.

Right now is the most exciting time in fashion. The leaves are changing; the temperature is dropping, and NYC fashion week just ended so now we know what is “hot” for fall. On the runway and in the magazines, we see that big knits, boots, and bright colors are in right now. No matter what season is coming or going, a shopping spree is always in order to boost our closets (and our mood!) I am on a mission to find the latest fall styles for less. Being frugal is important to me. As many college students, I am always on a budget, but I will not let that get in the way of having new boots…or a whole new outfit for that matter. So lets get started on this fun frugal adventure!