Hello and Welcome!

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. My name is Amanda Willis and I love clothing, not only clothing, but shoes, jewelry and purses, but what girl doesn’t! Nothing makes me more happy then to flip through the newest fashion magazine and not only see what is the latest trend for the season but also how some of my favorite celebs are wearing them.  I will admit I own more clothing, shoes, and bags, than I know what to do with, but I just cannot help myself! My favorite past time is shopping, but I am a college student, so buying books is more important than a new blouse. Luckily, I have learned over the years how to be a successful college student and have a killer closet too. New trends and styles can be expensive! So to feed my shopping addiction without starving me wallet, I have discovered where to buy the best deals, and that is what I want to share with you all in this blog.  Each week I plan to discuss what some of the latest trends are, how to wear them, and more importantly, where to find them for cheap.

Right now is the most exciting time in fashion. The leaves are changing; the temperature is dropping, and NYC fashion week just ended so now we know what is “hot” for fall. On the runway and in the magazines, we see that big knits, boots, and bright colors are in right now. No matter what season is coming or going, a shopping spree is always in order to boost our closets (and our mood!) I am on a mission to find the latest fall styles for less. Being frugal is important to me. As many college students, I am always on a budget, but I will not let that get in the way of having new boots…or a whole new outfit for that matter. So lets get started on this fun frugal adventure!


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