Urban Outfitters under fire

I am a huge Urban Outfitters fan. I love the style, the designers, and the accessories. UO takes the newest styles from the runway and transforms them into their own. They are original and creative. But I love the way Urban Outfitters is not only about the fashion, but also music, travel and even have a great blog.

A big trend for the past few years has been the Indian print. The patterns, the colors, and the shapes are inspired from the Native American style. Urban Outfitters has embraced this trend, like many other companies and designers, which brings me to the reason of this post.

While reading the news this morning, I came across an article where a woman from Minnesota is attacking Urban Outfitters, calling the “Navajo” line culturally offensive.

I was surprised to read this mostly because Urban Outfitters is not the only company to embracing the Indian style. Top designers like Ralph Lauren have been putting out fashion lines for years with a Native American feel. For those Oprah fans, like me, we got an inside look at the designers ranch and lifestyle. Forever 21’s sister company Heritage 1981 is another company with hints of Indian style.

I feel that Urban Outfitters should not be attacked this issue. Yes, UO has embraced the native American fashion, but I feel like I has been done with class and is not “cheap looking.” Why is UO the only one being blamed when any store you walk into at the mall is displaying the same style and trends?

I am interested in hearing another opinion on this issue. Please feel free to leave comments expressing your outlook.



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