All about the boots

The leaves are changing and we are seeing some great fall outfits emerge. I recently went around Rowan’s campus to see some of the great trendy outfits of students. With no surprise, boots of all styles are more popular than ever, which are a great addition to any fall wardrobe.

Latrice Rose, working on labs in her dorm, in matching camel boots and jacket.

Brooke Soper, laughing with friends at her apartment, in taupe ruffled heel booties.

Emma Wolthuizen, relaxing between classes, in black suede heel boots.

Dara Mudachi, grabbing lunch at the student center, in brown leather lace-up boots.


One Comment on “All about the boots”

  1. trayc529 says:

    I really like the pictures you posted of people doing everyday things wearing a cute Fall Fashion trend. All the boots are really cute too and I am definitely following this trend.

    Overall, I really like your blog! I think each post is interesting and you’re doing a good job! Keep up the good work 🙂

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