DIY Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, I see lots of people scrambling to get costume ideas together. They go to the nearest party store or Halloween outlet and try on costumes to no avail. And no one can leave the party store spending under $50. I find it ridiculous. Especially when you get to the party and find three other people in the same exact costume. Halloween is the prefect time to be creative, and frugal for that matter. Some of my favorite costumes from over the years were the ones I made myself. There is no reason to spend a bunch of money on a costume that will only be worn once. So here are some tips on creating your own Halloween costume for super cheap that all your friends will be jealous of.

Before even going out to spend money, look in your own closet for some basics. Key items are leggings, solid color skirts or dresses, tank tops, and boots. We all have these things, which can start your costume. Just think black leggings, a long sleeve black tee shirt, and cute shoes, and your just some face paint away from being a cat. Also, raid your friends’ closets. Every one has different style, so you may find a complete costume idea by just sharing clothes.

If you are looking to purchase items for your costume, thrift stores are your best bet. You can find hippie dresses, sailor uniforms, and pink lady outfits for super cheap. Your costume would be vintage and original compared to the tacky outfits the Halloween store sells. American Apparel is great for DIY Halloween costumes too. They sell all the essentials that can also be used in your day-to-day wardrobe.

I must admit, the party stores are good for something, and that is accessories. Cat ears, fake blood, nerd glasses, and Lady Gaga jewelry can spice up your home made Halloween costume for under 10 bucks.

Before you spend a fortune on a poorly made costume from the Halloween outlet, take my advice. Not only will you have a one of a kind costume at the party but you will save money too!


One Comment on “DIY Halloween”

  1. I like that you mentioned how costumes are only for one night and that there is no need to spend so much money. Also that you gave a couple of ideas on where to go to find a cheap costume. Good job Amanda!

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