Art Nails

Color on your nails can add spark to any outfit.  That’s why I love getting a professional manicure done at a salon. Now that I am away at school, I am finding it harder to spend the $15 each week for it, let alone, find time to get to the salon. It is hard for me to paint my own nails, I always do a crappy job. But I found something new that can change all that!

Sally Hansen makes a product called “Salon Effects”, which is a peel and apply manicure. It runs for about nine dollars at drugstores and comes in all colors and prints. The prints are flowers, sparkles, leopard, lace and more. The best part is that there is no drying time, just peel, apply and shape to your nail.

I use these often and they are very easy to put apply. The kit comes with cuticle stick, mini file, and buffer. The stickers come in all sizes and will have enough to cover each fingernail and with some left over, all of which are included in the set.

Contents of kit - Photo credit Amanda Willis

Select the best fitting strip for each nail. Then remove the clear protective plastic, then peel the polish strip from the backing paper. -Photo credit Amanda Willis

Place strip against cuticle line. Hold the strip at the center for maximum control. Also, apply pressure to nail to make sure polish is secured. - Photo credit Amanda Willis

Using the smooth side of the nail file, smooth out any bumps and gently file away the excess polish strip around the edge of the nail. - Photo credit Amanda Willis

Final product! No drying time needed, salon quality results for half the price. The polish will last for ten days and can be removed with nail polish remover. -Photo credit Amanda Willis


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