From Trash to Treasure

Never underestimate a thrift store. There are hidden gems waiting to be loved again. As you know, I like to dig through the racks to find cheap thrills from my past posts on The Glassboro Thrift Village and The Buffalo Exchange. Today I will show you a great find close to my home, The Calico Cat Thrift Shoppe of Middletown, New Jersey. I met two young customers who shared their shopping experience with me. I learned from long time customers and first timers. It was great to see how this one local thrift store attracted all types of people.

There is something to be said about thrift stores that are run by a church. The Calico Cat Thrift Store is kept in great shape, it is run by the most caring parishioners, and the whole mission is to help those in need. The day I went to visit, the shoppe had a large donation of Vera Bradley bags and wallets. These are high ticket items for a thrift store which were at a discounted price that were flying off the shelves by those who wanted to help the community.

Most thrift store proceeds do go to some sort of charity. So when you shop at one, your not only getting a great deal and saving money,  but your helping support a wonderful cause. And to that, I will shop some more. Happy Thanksgiving.


2 Comments on “From Trash to Treasure”

  1. Shannon says:

    Such an awesome post! I loved your video! It’s really well done. Great job 🙂

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