Winter Blues

Believe it or not, winter is right around the corner. It is time to start thinking about winter jackets. By looking at what is coming off the runway, we have many trends to choose from this winter season.

1.) Classic – The classic winter coat is the peacoat. It has a simple straight look and it’s popular every year. For more of an edgy feel, look for the peacoat with brass buttons which give the coat a military look. Old Navy has a great selection of peacoats such as single and double-breasted, high and low collars, and long and short lengths. All coats are under $100, but look out for sales. Old Navy has 50 percent off outerwear sales throughout the season.

Old Navy - Cropped Military Peacoat $49

2.) Boyish – Lately, women’s fashion has been becoming more masculine. Ties and tuxedo jackets are now items for woman to wear. Winter coats for this season have been inspired by men’s fashion. Oversized, cargo and toggle coats can be expected for this season. Delia’s offers an assortment of men-inspired hooded toggle coats for a great price.

Delia's- Hooded Toggle Coat $69

3.) Feminine – Ruffles and frills can add a girlie element to anything. For a more feminine look, try a coat with a belt to show off your shape, or an embellished hood to show off your girlie side. Forever 21 sells a great spangled crop jacket, which is full of silver sequins and will definitely add a girlish touch to any outfit.

Forever 21 - Spangled Crop Jacket $32

4.) Leather – Long live the bomber jacket, especially when it is leather, or pleather for that matter. Faux leather is very big this season, and also costs less money compared to buying the real thing. Wet Seal has faux leather jackets that come in many styles and colors for under $35. For that price you could get two, because who doesn’t love a biker chick?

Wet Seal - Belted Crop Moto Jacket $34

5.) Texture Overload – Fur, tweed, leather, and silk- it’s all about the textured coats. The multiple texture trends came unexpectedly and should be worn as a statement piece. Silk comes along with fur and knitwear and even sequins and leather make a perfect combination. Sound crazy? It does. And it does look a bit crazy, too.


With these new styles you will be sure to stay warm this winter while looking great, too!


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