Goodbye….for now

Believe it or not, this is the end. The end of online journalism, the end of the fall semester, and the end to this terrific blog experience. I consider Frugal Fashion to be a journey of the transitions I have made in my life, from having a job and living at home, to becoming a college student on a budget. I have learned a lot on this journey, such as how to stretch my dollar when hitting the mall, but also how to write for the web. It was a tough 15 weeks with many challenges, but I value my professor, Nick DiUilo, for helping me through with his advice but also for everything he has taught me. I have never been more certain on my major, journalism, and cannot wait for what is ahead of me.

I believe Frugal Fashion has been a great success. I am happy with the amount of traffic I had and with my regular followers. Along the way, I met some great people who helped me further my knowledge about the subject, and it brings me great joy to be able to share it with you. As I was learning myself, I hope I was able to teach as well. My goal for this blog was to change the way girl college students think about fashion. Being on a budget in college is daunting, especially when you’re a girl and want to spice up your closet. Shopping while on a limited income is not impossible, and for those of you who are my regular readers now know that. What I want my readers to take away from this blog is to remember to shop around for the best deal, hit the sale rack first, and not be afraid to haggle at thrift stores. However, along with knowing how to stretch your dollar, I hope my readers also understand the value of money management and saving money. It would not be the end of the world to walk out of a store empty-handed or not go to the mall at all for that matter. And I cannot believe I just typed those words, but I guess that means this blog and this journey was a success. I changed myself, the biggest shopoholic I know.

Where do we go from here? As after this post I am not assigned a weekly post with specific criteria to fill, however I intend to keep updating. I plan to at least have a post once a week. I still have a lot of learning to do, and I want to share that with you, my loyal readers, as this journey continues. Please check back in a few weeks to see my progress, but as for now, I’m going to celebrate the end of the semester with a little time off.

Until next time,


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