Orange is the new black

I have an unhealthy love affair for the color black. Most of my wardrobe consists of black clothing and my day-to-day outfit always has the color in it.  In the winter I practically live in my black leather jacket, black jeans and moto boots. Black is great for so many reasons, everyone looks good in it, it is naturally slimming, it goes with everything and finally, the color is timeless, black is always in style.  However, spring is around the corner and by the looks of what is coming off of NYC’s Fashion Week and what is in stores, color is in, especially orange.

Tangerine, carrot, papaya and pumpkin are all different variations of this bright beauty. Orange is optimistic and warm; it is the color of ambition and energy. As I learned from a recent trip to the mall, I couldn’t help but notice the stores were stocked with orange garments. I was not sure what to think of it. Orange has never been one of my favorite colors, mostly because I associate it with my high school and my awkward stages. Not a good time. However, there is something so striking about the color.

When someone wears orange, the eye cannot look away. It is so bright and bold. The color is everywhere this season. Orange is on dresses, pants, shirts, sunglasses and even home décor. You can go bold and try an all orange look or you can ease into the color and add orange accessories to your look. I used to put up a wall around this color just because I was so set in my way, and stuck in my all black attire. Now I can not get enough of the color, mostly because it reminds me of summer. Bring on the orange and warm weather please!

Luckily for the frugal fashionista, this trend is available at all of our favorite stores. Next time you hit the mall be sure to check out Forever21, H&M, Charlotte Rouse, and any budget friendly store and pick out something orange for your spring wardrobe. Even the lover of black attire I am will rock a pair of orange jeans this season.

Okay, so it isn’t the most flattering color on the market, nor is it the safest color to wear to all occasions, but that is the beauty of it. Orange will set you apart from others this spring and summer and you can confidently say you are a trendsetter. Within the next few weeks, slowly but surely start to pack away your black clothing items and break into something fun like tangerine orange. Don’t be afraid to take chances!


For the love of red

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it goes with out saying that this Hallmark-holiday goes hand in hand with the color red. Here are some outfit ideas from daytime to date night for Feb. 14.

Day: For a causal V-Day look, you won’t have to go far to find an outfit to head to class in. Try pairing a dark pair of jeans with a white dress shirt and add a red cardigan for a pop of color. For a simpler look, just finish your outfit off with red or pick accessories to look festive. You probably have these items in your closet already and wont need to spend money.

Dinner date: For a more dressy Valentine’s date, try a fun flirty dress. Forever 21 is filled with these types of dresses for cheap. If your date is taking you out to dinner, try F21’s Lace Peplum Dress, it is a romantic lace peplum dress in coral pink with a sweetheart neckline and black satiny trimming. The dress has a padded and stitch detailed bodice with a zipper and a hook-eye closure hidden in the back. Add a black cardigan or blazer if it is a chilly restaurant. Be sure to check out this steal of a dress for under $20. This flirty look will definitely have people turning heads.

Forever 21

Movie date: If you and your date are going to check out the rom-com ”This Means War” or the tearjerker “The Vow”, I would opt for a dressy causal look. You want to be comfortable because you will be sitting in the dark for almost two hours, but you also want to look cute. Try black jeans with a gold pull over sweater. Metallics are great for Valentine’s Day. H&M has a gold sweater for $10. Pair the outfit with red pumps and some heart-shaped jewelry and your date will have a hard time watching the movie because his eyes will be glued to you.


Urban Outfitters $12

Low-key night: If you and your date are spending the holiday in and having a low-key evening, you want to look comfy causal. I know that my boyfriend of seven years and I will be enjoying each other’s company inside watching reruns. Even though I will be spending this cupid’s day inside, I don’t want to miss out on all the cute outfits. I just snagged a pair of red jeans from Old Navy for $8.99 on the sale rack. There was only one pair of red jeans there and it just happened to be in my size, it must have been fate! I’ll pair the jeans with a black and white striped tee and add some red jewelry. Any variations of this outfit will be perfect for date night in.

Old Navy

I love the color red and will never miss the opportunity to wear it, even if it means being corny on Valentine’s Day. But remember, February is National Heart Month and you can wear red all 29 days of this month to support a great cause. Happy February everyone!

Lets Talk Laundry

Nothing bothers me more than washing my favorite pair of black jeans and having them come out faded. The discoloration was getting so bad that I would go weeks without washing my pants. I could not go around much longer with dirty jeans; I knew something needed to change.

Over winter break I did some research. There are many theories circulating about how to keep your clothing from fading. I realized blacks are not the only problem. Our whites our picking up colors from other shades in the washer, and our brights and colors are bleeding in the rinse cycle. Here are some tricks I learned to keep your clothes lasting longer.

Dark/Blacks – Turn your black jeans or other dark garments inside out and set the washer on the cold cycle. There are some special detergents that prevent blacks from fading, however it can be a little expensive, such as Woolite Extra Dark, which is about $13 in stores. However, my grandmother taught me a trick many years ago. She would use a cap full of vinegar into the cold wash cycle along with regular detergent. The vinegar prevents the colors from fading and help stay vivid.

Whites – It is important to wash whites separately to prevent colors mixing. I am not a fan of bleach, I feel that it is a harsh chemical and I find that it irritates my skin after I wash my clothes with it. I found a better solution. After sorting your clothes, add your whites to the washer on a hot or warm cycle. Along with your regular detergent, add ½ cup of lemon juice to the rinse cycle, the lemon juice will lightly bleach the clothing. When cycle is complete, be sure to hang dry the whites on a clothesline.

Brights/Colors – When tackling the brights from your laundry basket, it is important to separate brights from pastels. Wash new brights on their own for the first few cycles, when the dye most likely to bleed. Always turn the clothes inside out. Choose the shortest cycle and use a regular detergent on a warm or cold cycle.

Delicates – I like wash all my delicates separately. Delicates include anything with lace, beading, sequins or any other garment with lots of detail. Always turn the item inside out; this will prevent direct damage to the detail of the clothing. Depending on how dirty the item is, is how I measure the temperature of the wash cycle. If I spilled food or drink on it, then I would choose a warm cycle. If I wore it all day and it just needs to be washed, then I would go with the cold cycle. Never put your delicates in the dryer, it will most likely ruin the item. Your best bet is to hang dry your delicates.

These are just some of my tricks I have learned over the years to help further the life of my clothes. It is important to properly treat and launder your clothes to avoid repeatedly having to buy the basics for your wardrobe. Do you have a great laundry tip that I missed? Tell me and write to