Orange is the new black

I have an unhealthy love affair for the color black. Most of my wardrobe consists of black clothing and my day-to-day outfit always has the color in it.  In the winter I practically live in my black leather jacket, black jeans and moto boots. Black is great for so many reasons, everyone looks good in it, it is naturally slimming, it goes with everything and finally, the color is timeless, black is always in style.  However, spring is around the corner and by the looks of what is coming off of NYC’s Fashion Week and what is in stores, color is in, especially orange.

Tangerine, carrot, papaya and pumpkin are all different variations of this bright beauty. Orange is optimistic and warm; it is the color of ambition and energy. As I learned from a recent trip to the mall, I couldn’t help but notice the stores were stocked with orange garments. I was not sure what to think of it. Orange has never been one of my favorite colors, mostly because I associate it with my high school and my awkward stages. Not a good time. However, there is something so striking about the color.

When someone wears orange, the eye cannot look away. It is so bright and bold. The color is everywhere this season. Orange is on dresses, pants, shirts, sunglasses and even home décor. You can go bold and try an all orange look or you can ease into the color and add orange accessories to your look. I used to put up a wall around this color just because I was so set in my way, and stuck in my all black attire. Now I can not get enough of the color, mostly because it reminds me of summer. Bring on the orange and warm weather please!

Luckily for the frugal fashionista, this trend is available at all of our favorite stores. Next time you hit the mall be sure to check out Forever21, H&M, Charlotte Rouse, and any budget friendly store and pick out something orange for your spring wardrobe. Even the lover of black attire I am will rock a pair of orange jeans this season.

Okay, so it isn’t the most flattering color on the market, nor is it the safest color to wear to all occasions, but that is the beauty of it. Orange will set you apart from others this spring and summer and you can confidently say you are a trendsetter. Within the next few weeks, slowly but surely start to pack away your black clothing items and break into something fun like tangerine orange. Don’t be afraid to take chances!


One Comment on “Orange is the new black”

  1. […] Named color of the year by Pantone, who is the global authority on color, emerald will sure to be seen all the way through summer. The color of the year in 2012 was Tangerine. […]

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