Make a statement

Whenever I am choosing my daily outfits, I also pick out the jewelry that I am going to wear for the day as well. The accessories can make or break an outfit. Large statement pieces or conversation pieces are in for spring and summer and can dress up any outfit. Here are some suggestions on how to accessorize boldly.

Necklace: Chunky pieces are very popular right now and available in different colors, lengths and materials. They are so fun and can add spice to a boring tee shirt. I have seen big necklaces being paired with every outfit imaginable. Try wearing a solid color shirt or dress and add a thick colorful necklace. If you are feeling really bold, try wearing two necklaces at once.

Ring: I love rings; I wear at least two or three rings daily. There is much to choose from when shopping for rings, the double finger, the cocktail, color and shape of the band. I normally wear a few simple thin rings and one larger, more colorful ring. I always hear my mother telling me that gold and silver do not match, but I think they look good together. Fashion is what you make it, wear whatever you are comfortable in.

Bracelet: Arm candy is the most fun to add to an outfit; there is so much space to work with. I personally like the fabric friendship bracelets, I can tie so many on my wrist in every color. Bangles and cuffs can dress up your outfit, there is so many interesting pieces to add your arm these days. Don’t forget a watch either. Watches serve a duel purpose to women; provide the time and show style. I prefer a chain link watch, but they also come in straps and even color. Get the most bang for your buck and look for the interchangeable band.

Hair: I am so happy head bands are not only for little girls anymore. These accessories are fun and can add youth to your look. Headbands with beading, flowers, bows, feathers and embellishments can be seen on young Hollywood stars and look great. The best part is that they can be found for under 10 dollars.

Lucky for the frugal fashionista, these statement pieces are available at all of your favorite stores and range in prices, but you will not have a problem finding these bold accessories for cheap.  It is important not to over accessorize, try adding one statement piece to your outfit then finishing the look with simple touches. Do what ever you are most comfortable in.

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