Spring Must Haves

March is finally here which means spring is around the corner. As the days get longer and the warm weather continues (hopefully), it’s time to pack away our winter knits and step into some new spring trends. Here are just a few popular trends to look out for in the upcoming change of seasons.

1.) The high low skirt – Free your legs from those tight jeans and slip into a flowing high low skirt. The new style of skirt in for spring is longer in the back than in the front, kind of like a mix between a maxi and a mini skirt. This business in the front, party in the back type of skirt will have you in the style spot like all the way through summer too.

Kirra Hi Low Skirt - Pacsun

2.) Denim everything – Denim is coming back in full force. This blue-dyed material is not only for your jeans anymore. This spring denim is appearing on all garments, shirts, vests, and my personal favorite, jacket. I snagged a cropped denim jacket from Forever 21 for under $30 and I am not ashamed to say that I wear it everyday. I pair it with a black band tee and Vans sneakers to finish the 90’s grunge look. Try for a denim long sleeve button down to start, it is super casual and can be worn with anything.

Heritage 1981 Vintage Denim Jacket for $26.90

3.) Print Pants – Graphics and prints have always been in style but seem to be getting more vibrant every year. For this spring, tribal prints, zigzags and tie dye are seen in pattern pants. They are 100 percent cotton and usually a little baggy which makes this trend super comfy. Not only is this trend coming off the runway but also from celebrities in Hollywood. These eye-popping trousers are a must buy.

Photo Credit - WhoWhatWear.com

4.) Fringe Tops – Embrace your inner hippie and spring for a fringe top this season. These tops are super breezy and can fit into any style. Fringe does not stop with a shirt, but can be seen on sweaters, pants and even bags. It can also be a great DIY project, just grab your favorite shirt and some scissors, this will make your top one of a kind and cheap. This style is usually seen on a sheer top, which is why it is perfect for warmer weather.

Target - $16.99

5.) 70’s Platforms – Give your toes a break, they have been stuck in boots and flats all winter long, it is time to show them off in a stylish shoe. For spring and summer, the platform is making a big comeback. They were most popular in the 70’s with the flower child, and then came back for a brief moment in the mid 90’s with The Spice Girls. Though it may take some getting used to, the sight and walking in for that matter, it is definitely a style to try this summer, and would look great with a high low skirt or print pants.

Lulu's $37

Spring styles and trends are emerging daily, but in order to save some money it is important to do some research and find what things you like and want to add to your wardrobe. Don’t ever feel that you need all the new items to hit the market every season. Do want you are most comfortable with but have fun, so be sure to hit the mall this spring break and explore some new spring styles.


One Comment on “Spring Must Haves”

  1. ashley says:

    i want that high low skirt from pacsun! so cute!

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