Get Chalked

Lately I have been very bored with my hair. It is naturally dirty blonde that I have highlighted every three months for a fresh look. I keep up with trims and try to have the trendiest cut. I always want to change it up but I’m too afraid of commitment. I have some horror stories about hair and I never want to repeat those days. For a few weeks now I have had an urge to add some color to my hair, like a hot pink or purple, just to my tips. However, pink is in the red family which fades very quick between washes and what it I never could get my blonde back which would mean I would have to cut the color off and I would lose so much length. Did I say I was afraid of commitment? Yet, I wasn’t going to give up that easy.

Over break I was determined to add variety without all the downfalls that comes with permanent dying. With some research and a little help from Pinterest, I found what I was looking for. It’s called chalking, and it is blowing up in the virtual world. Instead of using hair dye to color your ends, try using colorful artist pastels and chalk your strands. This is such an easy and temporary way to add color to your hair, not to mention you don’t have to deal with high salon costs. Follow these step-by-step directions for “dip-dying.”

What you’ll need:

Artist Oil Pastels, Towel, Curling iron, Hair clips, squirt gun or wash rag.

The Process

1.)  Start by purchasing artist oil pastels from your local craft store. The prices range depending on brand and amount of pastels, but look for a coupon to the store found in most Sunday papers.

2.)  Wet your hair. Since I only wanted color to my ends, I drenched about three inches of my hair. Use a spray bottle or soaked washrag. Wrap a towel around your shoulders to prevent color getting on your clothing.

3.)  Pick a color from your artist pallet; I wanted a tie-dye effect so I chose pink, purple and blue. Take desired color and rub the pastel vigorously against a section of wet hair. The color will appear within a few strokes. Repeat through out the other sections of hair with however many colors you want.

4.)  Let the hair dry. It is important to have the hair dry because the color needs to be set in with heat, in order to prevent damage on your locks, let your hair air dry. As the hair dries, the color fades slightly, at this time you can choose to rewet hair and rub on some more color or continue the process.

5.)  Set in with heat. I used a curling iron when my hair was completely dry. The heat sets the color into your hair and will stop it from coming off on your clothing or skin. The curling iron also adds a fun bounce to the colored tresses.

The end result is cute and fun. The chalking effect will last a day or two depending on washes. This is a great way to mix up your usual hairstyle with a temporary color.

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