Shop with ease

I am constantly telling you what’s in, what to buy and where to go, but there is a special way of navigating the store once you get there that can help you have a successful shopping trip and save you money.

Having a successful shopping trips means understanding certain guidelines, fashion rules and having your own personal style. Some times shopping can be frustrating, such as never finding the perfect fit or not finding your ideal outfit for an event but before hitting the mall, you need to have determination and a positive attitude. Before heading into stores, it is a good idea to have an idea of what you’re looking for, this helps you from getting over whelmed and can save you money. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your shopping trips.

In any store you like to shop in, you notice that the newest items are in front, on the mannequins and in the windows. Yet, these items are the most expensive in the store. The clothes that are kept on the sides of the store and along the walls are on sale, not clearance, but are apart of a sale. Within a few weeks, the newest clothes from the windows will make there way to the walls and end up on sale. So if you can wait a few weeks for those new summer shorts, you will probably get a better deal.

But when I walk into a store, I pass all of this. I walk straight to the back to the clearance rack, which can usually be found in the back corner of the store. I have had some major success at clearance racks, in fact, most of my closet is from the clearance rack and I’m not ashamed of it. You would be surprised of what you could find there.

Never trust pushy sales women, it is their job to follow you around the store and tell you to buy the newest items and that your butt looks good in everything. Chances are their lying; they just want the gold star next to their name for the selling the most that day. If you want a second opinion on an outfit, bring a friend; shopping is more fun in pairs.

Try to shop on weekdays and avoid the weekend crowds. This will lessen the chaos in the store and keep you calm while shopping.

Shopping should be a fun experience, not a stressful one. With these few tips, you will be navigating your favorite stores with ease.


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