Music Festival Fashion

The season of music festivals is upon us. SXSW in Texas just passed, Coachella in California was last weekend (which I went to!) and there are loads of hip indie music fests along the east coast all summer long. What could be better than warm weather, good music and great friends all in one event? So what are you going to where to the festival of the season? Here are some options that I feel you cannot go wrong with.
Option one: Summer dresses are perfect for music festivals; they are fun and comfortable on hot summer days. If you are going for a hippie look, try a lace dress. If you want to go more casual, try a floral dress. Choose a length that you are most comfortable with, longer maxi dresses are in style this season that I prefer over the mini dresses and can avoid showing off too much skin. No matter what style to choose, I would suggest staying away from the tube top dress. At an event like this there will be lots of dancing in crowds and long walks, the last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction in front of thousands of people.
Option two: Shorts paired with graphic tanks or tees are everywhere this season. This look is great for summer festivals because the temperatures can skyrocket during the day and there is rarely shade to take cover from the sun. I found high-waist grey shorts from Urban Outfitters and a black fringe body suit on the sale rack that I plan to wear to Coachella. For a more casual look try cut off denim shorts and an American flag print tank.
Option three: As 70’s fashion is reinventing itself, so it’s jumpsuit. The one-piece outfits are popping up in stores all over. There is the shorts romper and the full jumpsuit available. Remember the overalls you wore when you were a kid? Well they are back again too. This hippie style is perfect for a summer music festival.
When you are attending one of these events remember to dress in layers. It may reach 90 degrees at noon but the temperature can drop at night. Also, never wear heels. There is a ton of walking at festivals and you want to be comfortable. I would also advice wearing a closed toe shoe to prevent dirt and dust collecting in your sandal.
If you are going to a music festival this summer or just a concert in a park, you cannot go wrong with these outfit options.


Marni at H&M

One of my favorite stores is H&M. I find the clothing and accessories to be good quality for a great price. Just a few weeks ago I had a whole new reason to love this Swedish retail company.

Hennes & Maurtiz, more commonly known as H&M, recently announced the debut of a new clothing line from Marni, a high end Italian fashion label. For those of you who don’t know, Marni is known for creating quirky and feminine designs with lots of prints and bold colors. Yet, Marni creations can run up to $2000, a wardrobe I could only dream of having. But good news came to us frugal fashionistas when H&M announced a Marni spring collection for 2012.

The collection debuting at H&M are all Marni classics, with full pleated skirts, boxy dresses, cropped pants, in fabrics that range from silk to knits to crisp cotton. The collection also includes jewelry, shoes, bags and scarves to finish each look. The items in the collection range from $9.95 to $149. There is something for every ones budget. Unfortunately, the Marni Collection at H&M is not available for purchase online, so make sure to check out your nearest H&M for these deals.

The collections debut was early March, some devout customers camped overnight just to get the first choice of Marni goods. When the doors opened, the collection was nearly sold out. Customers ran rampant through the store even taking the clothes off of the mannequins.

This is not the first time H&M has sold high fashion designer brands, just last summer; the retailer sold a Versace summer collection. Marni is H&M’s 11th high-end brand to debut its collection. One year they even featured Jimmy Choo. These couture-bargain partnerships have become more and more popular for both H&M and Target. They are able to attract shoppers and boost their reputations as retailers of fashionable but affordable goods.

I hope this continues because I will have a name brand closet in no time.