Shecky’s Girls Night Out

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Shecky’s Girls Night Out in New York City.

Shecky’s is a website totally devoted to woman. They specialize in creating social experiences that help empower woman and discover way to better yourself. What they are known for is hosting over 80 events across the county that is all about getting girlfriends together and socializing. Sheckys’s believes that women are inspiration to one another and act as strength and that is what the Girl’s Night Out events are all about.

Tickets range from $15 to $30 depending on when purchased. The event, which is held in downtown NYC for three nights, hosts a variety of vendor’s.

There are professionals with advice about the latest fashion trends and how to pull them off, lessons on how to apply make up like the pros all while celebrating being a woman with your girlfriends.

Maybelline was offering mini make over’s for attendees and giving away Target gift cards good for any future Maybelline purchases. Ford was advertising their Street Chic car, the Ford Fusion and Little Black Dress Vodka, who is generously sponsored by Denise Richards, was giving away their signature cocktails.

Vendors include jewelry, clothing, beauty products and more. The ticket price grants you entrance, cocktails and the big goodie bag given away at the end of the night. The goodie bag itself is worth over $50 filled with beauty products and more.

Shecky’s Girls Night Out is a great event with a fabulous message behind it. There is something so invigorating about being surrounded by such inspiring women, meeting new people and hearing their stories. Get your girlfriends together and be sure to attend their next event. Shecky’s hits Philadelphia Feb 27 and 28 at The Crystal Tea Room at The Wanamaker Building.

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History repeats

I have a tendency to fall for every new fashion trend, whether it was two different colored Converse sneakers when I was in elementary school or feathers in my hair just a few years ago, I’m a sucker when it comes to following the fad.

While I was in the midst of the 70’s hippie trend this summer, I found my mother with a wicked smile on her face every time I put a new outfit on and the words “I had that same top when I was your age!” fly right of her mouth. Oh, how I hated when she said that to me. I like to think of myself has a hip, fashion forward dresser. Not someone with old and outdated clothes. As much as I wanted to argue with her, I couldn’t.

I had that realization when I found similar words being uttered from my own mouth recently. I was shopping in Target, spotted a neon patchwork cross body purse with a matching i.d case hooked on the outside. I had a very similar bag when I was 10 years old that I took everywhere with me. When I turned 13, micro purses were the new fad and I decided to toss it.

History has a tendency to repeat itself, especially when it comes to fashion trends. Does that mean overalls with one undone buckle strap that was popular when I was in middle school will be fashionable again? I certainly hope it doesn’t, but you can never tell. The fashion industry is very unpredictable.

I see the 90’s grunge style coming back in a strong way. Plaid flannels wrapped around the waist with a band tee shirt and high-waisted acid washed jeans. It was the style I saw on MTV, back when they played music of course. And as much as I found it ugly in the 90’s, I sort of love it now.

This repetition has taught me many things over the years, for one, never ever again will I throw away clothes, bags or accessories because it is out of style. I will just tuck it away for a few years before it reinvents itself.

From now on I will appreciate my mothers opinion on my wardrobe and accept her comment of “I had that same outfit when I was your age!” as a compliment.


Getting back to business

Hello all,

I am currently settling into the new semester and my internship. It has been a great summer and I am looking forward to the start of fall. I want to revamp this blog, rather than just giving out my own tips on fashion, I want to get advice from professionals in the industry, offer my own experiences in fashion and get out there and learning about everything there is with fashion. I am excited for what is ahead and thank my loyal readers for their patience. Lets do this!