History repeats

I have a tendency to fall for every new fashion trend, whether it was two different colored Converse sneakers when I was in elementary school or feathers in my hair just a few years ago, I’m a sucker when it comes to following the fad.

While I was in the midst of the 70’s hippie trend this summer, I found my mother with a wicked smile on her face every time I put a new outfit on and the words “I had that same top when I was your age!” fly right of her mouth. Oh, how I hated when she said that to me. I like to think of myself has a hip, fashion forward dresser. Not someone with old and outdated clothes. As much as I wanted to argue with her, I couldn’t.

I had that realization when I found similar words being uttered from my own mouth recently. I was shopping in Target, spotted a neon patchwork cross body purse with a matching i.d case hooked on the outside. I had a very similar bag when I was 10 years old that I took everywhere with me. When I turned 13, micro purses were the new fad and I decided to toss it.

History has a tendency to repeat itself, especially when it comes to fashion trends. Does that mean overalls with one undone buckle strap that was popular when I was in middle school will be fashionable again? I certainly hope it doesn’t, but you can never tell. The fashion industry is very unpredictable.

I see the 90’s grunge style coming back in a strong way. Plaid flannels wrapped around the waist with a band tee shirt and high-waisted acid washed jeans. It was the style I saw on MTV, back when they played music of course. And as much as I found it ugly in the 90’s, I sort of love it now.

This repetition has taught me many things over the years, for one, never ever again will I throw away clothes, bags or accessories because it is out of style. I will just tuck it away for a few years before it reinvents itself.

From now on I will appreciate my mothers opinion on my wardrobe and accept her comment of “I had that same outfit when I was your age!” as a compliment.



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