Cherish the chambray

An old classic has reinvented itself and is popping up all over the place, the chambray shirt. Chambray is softer than linen but durable and offers a relaxed feel, almost like a thinner denim material. It is normally a buttoned-down collared shirt and comes in every sleeve length.

What gets me so riled up about this shirt is that it goes with everything, and I mean everything. Wear the sleeveless chambray with shorts on warm days, or tucked in with a skirt. Wear the long sleeve unbuttoned over a dress or tank on cool nights, and my personal favorite, denim on denim.

For years I thought it was faux pas to wear denim on denim but that is not the case anymore. It is very common to see celebrities and designers pairing two different denims together, even creating patchwork denim shirts.

Chambray is also great because it can be apart of anyone’s style. It was originally a classic American style, but it can be added to a western look, grunge, preppy and so on. It is not just for women either. Originally a man’s work shirt in the early 1900’s, the shirt has been through reconstruction to properly fit a man better and updated to a style statement rather than a “blue collar shirt.”

By having versatile pieces in your wardrobe, it can be turned into any look you would like and save money at the same time.

Chambray is comfortable and easy to maintain, yet can last a long time, another reason on how it can save you money. They were first considered a workhorse shirt, but today chambray can bring some class and style to an outfit. It is also a transitional piece that can be worn from day to night and all through the seasons. After all the history this shirt has it is no wonder why it still remains popular to this day.

I highly recommend a chambray shirt to be added to your closet, you surely wont regret it. 


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