Shop Smart, Save More

While in my senior year of college I spend my time keeping up with my classes, interning at a magazine and keeping up on current events in my field. With so much going on, I cannot work as much as I could of in the summer, which means I am on a limited budget. However, shopping and clothes are not only my hobby, its my passion. Over the last few years, I have taught myself how to manage my wallet and still enjoy the things I love. Here are a few tips I use when it comes to shopping at he mall or just shopping in my own closet.

1.)  There’s an app for that: Use your smart phone to your shopping advantage! Download apps like Shopkick, Coupons App and individual store apps. Companies offer special promotions and coupons through these apps and you can even start a profile on what your favorite store are and the application will notify you for secret sales.

2.)  Don’t be afraid to haggle: Before hitting the mall, I make stops at thrift stores and flea markets. Often times, I never get to the mall because I scored at the flea market. These are great places to find vintage, unusual items. However, sellers price their items high in order to be to able to work the customer. As a buyer, don’t be afraid to haggle a little bit, chances are they will back down and lower the price.

3.)  Stop the impulse purchases: I know all to well the impulse purchase, I have done it many times and mostly regretted each one. To help stop this, I gave myself a rule; the item must go with five other things in my closet. When I see an item I think I “need”, I stop before I run to the cashier and think “Will I wear it more than once?” “Can I wear it in multiple way?” “Will it stay in style for the next few seasons?”

4.)  Get ahead: To keep a step above the rest, try making friends with the sales associate so you know when the next sale is starting, so maybe when your shopping and you have your heart set on a pair of jeans that is just a bit too expensive, ask your new friend what the next store special is. Who knows, maybe next week the jeans will be BOGO.

5.)  Pin it: Looking for new fashion inspiration? Before buying a new wardrobe see how the look in being styled on Pinterst first. Use the site for association shopping – just search for a accessory or clothing item and see how others have Pinned it. 


One Comment on “Shop Smart, Save More”

  1. caroline1t says:

    Okay so where where you today when I was trying to convince a store person that she really needed to give me an amazing hat for 50% off? Hey I tried….. This is awesome.

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