How to Host a Clothing Swap Party

We all love the feeling of new clothes and accessories. It is an even better feeling when you don’t have to spend a dime on things. How is this possible, you ask? The answer: items from your friends’ closets.


I’m sure as you look through your closet each morning, quickly shuffling by each hanger, it seems like you have nothing to wear. We are all guilty of this. The clothes in front of us seem boring and overworn, but chances are that is not what your friends think and vice versa.

As a way to fix this problem, the idea of a clothing swap party is an intriguing option many people have been trying. It may just be another reason to throw a party, but add clothes and I’m sure your besties will be right over. Here are some tips on throwing a clothing swap party:

1.) Invitations. In hopes of making this a true party, invites are crucial. Whether they be via Facebook or traditional paper, send them to your gal pals. Offer the specific details such as time, place, date and instructions for what is going on. A common saying is “the more the merrier,” but in this case, the more the better selection of clothes! Even try offering food and beverages to make it a real party. Fact: no one says no to food.

2.) Set up rules. You don’t need friends bringing their old gym clothes to swap, so set up some ground rules to make sure everyone is getting a fair deal. First, the item must be gently worn. No holes, loose threads or stretched out material. Think of it as you selling your clothes and to get the best price, the clothes must be in tip-top shape. Second, the items must be in season. No one wants that holiday sweater from last Christmas. Right now would be the perfect time for you and your friends to go through spring clothes and see what you may want to exchange. These parties are great for the beginning of each season. Third, you must be able to part with it. If you are not yet ready to separate yourself from that floral maxi skirt, then don’t bring it. Don’t get someone’s hopes up for nothing when you can’t give the article of clothing up.

3.) Clean up. To make your space more inviting, try cleaning up your room or apartment. Make mirrors readily available. If possible, try to make the space look like a store, where each friend is able to comfortably display her goods and also browse the merchandise. To make it even easier on traders, set up stations with shoes in one corner, bags in the next, tops in another.

Let the swapping begin!

How did your clothing swap party go? Leave a comment and let me know!


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