Frock On

Move over, little black dress, there is a new garment in town: the frock. OK, OK. “Frock” sounds very 18th century, but today the frock is a modern-style, boxy, loose-fitting dress. Whether it be dressy, casual, business day or summer night, the frock is interchangeable and versatile. The frock is the dress with no shape, comes in different types of sleeves and is available in all types of colors and lengths.

I typically think a dress with no shape is the best because you have so many options to style it. I  recommend getting a frock for your spring and summer wardrobes. I can promise you will never get bored with it.

Go for a solid color– By making sure it is a solid color, your frock will be the most versatile and you can get the most bang for your buck. Try colors like black, white or neutrals and then the frock can be worn in every season. If you’re looking for a spring or summer pick-me-up, try a bold and bright color.

Check for length– I find myself to be tall for a girl and whenever buying frocks, length is the number-one thing I check. I would prefer to have the dress fall beyond my finger tips rather than stopping right where they end. This way, I won’t be nervous about the dress riding up because of the loose fit. I also tend to like it a bit longer so if I want to add a belt to give a cinched waist, I will still be comfortable with it being a bit shorter.

Accessorize away– Think of the frock as a blank canvas. There are so many possibilities! Add a statement necklace, thin belt, summer scarf, denim vest — there are endless ways to accessorize the frock. By accessorizing it differently each day, you will never get tired of the look. It is like a new dress every day.

Day to Night– It is even possible to wear the frock to the office, then transform it before a night out. For a work or class outfit, try adding a cardigan and leggings with oxford shoes. Tie a belt over the cardigan and add a long chain necklace. For a night out, lose the leggings, change the jewelry and cardigan and add a pair of fun wedges.

Embellishments included–  While I suggest a simple frock, many are sold with details already included, like stripes, sequins and prints. If you are looking for an outfit that is already put together, go for this option, but if you are looking to have some fun with your wardrobe, then accessorize on your own.


Pinching Pennies

It is hard for me to believe that I, along with my fellow senior journalism majors, graduate in just about a month. While at Rowan for two years, I learned about saving money and managing budgets while living on my own. In turn, dinners consisted of ramen or soup because it was just so darn cheap. I learned to take advantage of the free Rowan shuttle to Camden, making my commute to Philadelphia a quarter of the price. And you can bet, no matter what store I go into, I have my reusable totes in hand to get the extra discount.

I’m proud of my frugal ways, however, I would be much happier if I didn’t have to eat ramen ever again. All these things I look forward to saying sayonara to this May, but one thing I will be sad to see expire is my Rowan I.D. card, the card that held my meals, granted me entrance into Rowan events and, most importantly, gave me discounts at the mall. Even though I loathed the card all through my Rowan career, with my awkward picture and the constant stress over losing it and having to pay for a new one, I’m sad I will no longer reap the benefits from it.

No matter what year you are in at Rowan, make sure you are getting the most out of your Rowan I.D. card. Here are some stores that give students discounts as long as you have your handy dandy card with you!

1.) Ann Taylor – 20 percent off

2.) Ann Taylor Loft – 15 perfect off

3.) Banana Republic – 15 percent off

4.) Charlotte Russe – 10 perfect off

5.) Club Manaco – 20 percent off

6.) J. Crew – 15 percent off

7.) Juicy Couture – 15 percent off

8.) The Limited – 15 percent off

9.) Ralph Lauren Rugby – 15 percent off

10.) Steve Madden – 10 percent off

11.) – 10 percent off. (Note* online only!)

12.) Top Shop – 10 percent off

13.) Good Will – 15 percent off

14.) Urban Outfitters – 10 percent off on select days only

15.) Glassboro Thrift Village – 20 percent off

Want more? The website Unidays ( is an all-access pass to all retailers who offer student discounts. No additional card is needed, just verify that you are a student and you can start saving.

Where else do you use your Rowan I.D. card? Leave a comment, let me know!

Budget tips from Lauren Conrad!

Style icon, Lauren Conrad, has been one of my fashion inspiration for years now. Her collection at Kohl’s is fabulous and priced just right. Conrad speaks with Glamour about three money saving tips when it comes to shopping. See everyone is on a budget, one way or another!

See Conrad’s tips here!

Why to never over look Target again

Over the years, my love for the department store Target has turned into a full-blown obsession. Once overlooked as the store where I could purchase bedding and a camera case in a one-stop shop, it is now my first destination when shopping.

The women’s fashion section has blossomed over the years as well. What was once simply graphic tees and assorted tanks has turned into fashionable clothing  categorized as juniors, petities, women and maternity.

Target has a great selection of clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories, and the best part is that it is all offered at a great price.

Stepping up their game back in 2010, the affordable department store started featuring low-priced collections from high-end designers. The response? Women loved it. With every season change, the store changes designers, which makes these wears only available for a limited time. Target has featured Missoni, Neiman Marcus, Zac Posen, Jason Wu and more. I have seen women camp outside of Target just to get the first view of the goods when the store opened, and it wasn’t even Black Friday!

I recently came across a Target fashion blog called On The Dot, which shows how to style the clothing and pair it with shoes, jewelry and so on. The best thing about Target is once I pick out an outfit, I can head to the other side of the store and pick out my lipstick for the evening or new flatware for a dinner party. They really have it all.

Stylist Kate Young will be the next designer to be featured at Target. Her collection is filled with formal gowns, one-shoulder dresses, classic little black dresses, formal shorts and more. Perfect for your next cocktail hour! Don’t miss out, her collection hits stores April 14.


Things not to pass up while at Target:

Sale racks– Past the new swimsuits and active wear are racks and racks of sales. Ranging from 30 to 70 percent off, it is worth the time to dig through the racks.

Shoe department– Target is constantly getting new inventory of women’s shoes. From flats to boots and wedges, they have it all. And believe it or not, the heels are super comfy and won’t leave you with aching feet halfway through the night.

Accessories– With a variety of bags and scarves, Target offers something for every style and every price range. Take a look at their jewelry as well. They may be a bit more expensive than stores like Forever 21 and H&M, but totally worth it, offering more quality pieces that you can keep for longer.

Seasonal sales– Not so much a fashion tip, but as I am getting older, I am starting to love home decor. Take a look in the far back corner of the store. Target sends all out-of-season home decor items to this little nook and slashes prices. Items like summer picnic baskets, lawn chairs and wall art are sold for a fraction of the price.

Insider tip* scan the price tag at a kiosk in the store. Chances are the tag is marked wrong and it will ring up cheaper. Usually in this section of the store, items are 30 to 50 percent off the sale price.

Before heading to the mall or a more expensive department store, stop at Target first — you may be surprised what you find.

* Check out a slideshow of Kate Young’s collection on Lucky

Let me know what you’ve found at a great price while shopping at Target. Leave a comment and let me know!

Laundry tips to keep your wardrobe in check

As I am getting older, I find myself drooling over more expensive brands of clothing and shoes. I want to have a sophisticated look, but I also want to stay within my college student budget.

However, every now and then, I will splurge and purchase a quality item for my wardrobe. Before I go into buyer’s remorse, I know that if I take good care of it, it will last a long time. Sometimes I think of my clothing as my pets that need to be properly taken care of, I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Here are some tips that I use to make sure I am getting the most bang for my buck:

Avoid over washing– This tip is generally geared towards jeans. Get out of the habit of washing your denim after every wear. This may sound weird, but trust me! Over washing your jeans will cause the material to break down, which will make them loose and, not to mention, super faded. As a girl who practically lives in black or colored denim, the last thing I want to do is over wash my jeans.

Do’s and don’t’s of dry cleaning– It is very important to read all tags for proper care of clothing. For example, don’t think that a shirt will be fine on a delicate wash cycle just to save some money at the dry cleaners. There is a reason why the tag says “Dry Clean Only.” I have made this mistake one too many times. Even on delicate, the washer is too rough and may cause rips, not to mention what the water and soap will do to the fabric. However, even if the item does not say DCO, but is a bright print that may bleed in the washer, your best bet would be to leave it to the professionals. A few bucks to dry clean a blouse is well worth not ruining a whole batch of clothing in the washing machine.

Now, when you have done the right thing and have taken your clothing to the cleaners, the work isn’t over. When you get home, take the item out of the bag and off the wire hanger. The bag may trap moisture and grow mold. The wire hanger will pull the fabric, leaving you with stretched-out shoulders. To quote the 1981 classic movie “Mommie Dearest,” “NO WIRE HANGERS!” You don’t want Joan Crawford after you.

No rips, tears or tugs– Please, do yourself a favor. Do not rip off the price tag once you get a new item. Use scissors to properly cut the tags off. Too many times have I put on a brand new blouse and reached behind my head to rip the tag out before running to class. And more than once, I would hear, “Amanda, umm, there is a hole in the back of your shirt.” Talk about embarrassing.

Also, while you have the scissors out, cut any loose treads on pants or tops, this way when it heads to the washer, the loose threads won’t get caught and make a nasty pull or hole in the item.

My trials and tribulations with swim suit shopping

Spring break is right around the corner. As exciting as that is, it is also a terrifying feeling.

I am lucky enough to be spending spring break in the Dominican Republic with my best friends, and believe me, this was the best excuse to shop for a fab new beach wardrobe. I scored deals on dresses, cover-ups, sandals — you name it, I got it. I am saving one purchase until the last week, though: the dreaded new swimsuit purchase.

I find the onset of spring break to be terrifying is because it makes me remember that my New Year’s resolution of getting healthy and toning up quickly ended once the semester started. I consider myself to be a healthy person in that I know what food is right and wrong and I try to exercise, but with a full class schedule and an internship, that is hard to do sometimes.

I have found some ways to make this a more happy experience, though. Retailers are filling their stores with spring and summer clothes and, of course, swimsuits. How can we resist? This purchase means we are one step closer to summer!

With spring break nearing, the new swimsuit purchase in inevitable, so here are a few ways to ease the pain of trying on this season’s suits:

Don’t fuss over size – Each company has a different measurement guide so don’t worry if you notice a change in bathing suit size this year. Personally, I am a size small in Victoria’s Secret bathing suits and a large in Pac Sun swimwear [I’m not kidding]. It is nothing to fret over. Just make sure the suit is well-fitted and then size won’t matter.

Add color – Trying on a swimsuit in early March is probably the first time your legs have been exposed since September. Chances are they could use some sun, but don’t let your pale skin discourage you. I have found a lifesaver to fix this. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is a self-tanning spray that you can use on your legs and it instantly adds color, sort of leaving the effect of a sheer stocking. This way, you can see how the bathing suit will look in the summer. Or if you know you’re going to need a bathing suit, start using a self-tanning lotion and you can gradually add color to the whole body by the time you are ready to shop.

Bring a friend – It always helps to bring a friend when shopping. They are honest and will tell you what looks good. When you are swimsuit shopping, you are your biggest critic, so if you bring a friend, she is like a cheerleader on the sidelines supporting you. Because they are honest, they will tell you that you look great and you don’t need to worry about little things.

Tips like these will help you ease into summer pain-free!

Do you have any other tips on buying swim wear? Leave a comment and let me know!