My trials and tribulations with swim suit shopping

Spring break is right around the corner. As exciting as that is, it is also a terrifying feeling.

I am lucky enough to be spending spring break in the Dominican Republic with my best friends, and believe me, this was the best excuse to shop for a fab new beach wardrobe. I scored deals on dresses, cover-ups, sandals — you name it, I got it. I am saving one purchase until the last week, though: the dreaded new swimsuit purchase.

I find the onset of spring break to be terrifying is because it makes me remember that my New Year’s resolution of getting healthy and toning up quickly ended once the semester started. I consider myself to be a healthy person in that I know what food is right and wrong and I try to exercise, but with a full class schedule and an internship, that is hard to do sometimes.

I have found some ways to make this a more happy experience, though. Retailers are filling their stores with spring and summer clothes and, of course, swimsuits. How can we resist? This purchase means we are one step closer to summer!

With spring break nearing, the new swimsuit purchase in inevitable, so here are a few ways to ease the pain of trying on this season’s suits:

Don’t fuss over size – Each company has a different measurement guide so don’t worry if you notice a change in bathing suit size this year. Personally, I am a size small in Victoria’s Secret bathing suits and a large in Pac Sun swimwear [I’m not kidding]. It is nothing to fret over. Just make sure the suit is well-fitted and then size won’t matter.

Add color – Trying on a swimsuit in early March is probably the first time your legs have been exposed since September. Chances are they could use some sun, but don’t let your pale skin discourage you. I have found a lifesaver to fix this. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is a self-tanning spray that you can use on your legs and it instantly adds color, sort of leaving the effect of a sheer stocking. This way, you can see how the bathing suit will look in the summer. Or if you know you’re going to need a bathing suit, start using a self-tanning lotion and you can gradually add color to the whole body by the time you are ready to shop.

Bring a friend – It always helps to bring a friend when shopping. They are honest and will tell you what looks good. When you are swimsuit shopping, you are your biggest critic, so if you bring a friend, she is like a cheerleader on the sidelines supporting you. Because they are honest, they will tell you that you look great and you don’t need to worry about little things.

Tips like these will help you ease into summer pain-free!

Do you have any other tips on buying swim wear? Leave a comment and let me know!


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