Frock On

Move over, little black dress, there is a new garment in town: the frock. OK, OK. “Frock” sounds very 18th century, but today the frock is a modern-style, boxy, loose-fitting dress. Whether it be dressy, casual, business day or summer night, the frock is interchangeable and versatile. The frock is the dress with no shape, comes in different types of sleeves and is available in all types of colors and lengths.

I typically think a dress with no shape is the best because you have so many options to style it. I  recommend getting a frock for your spring and summer wardrobes. I can promise you will never get bored with it.

Go for a solid color– By making sure it is a solid color, your frock will be the most versatile and you can get the most bang for your buck. Try colors like black, white or neutrals and then the frock can be worn in every season. If you’re looking for a spring or summer pick-me-up, try a bold and bright color.

Check for length– I find myself to be tall for a girl and whenever buying frocks, length is the number-one thing I check. I would prefer to have the dress fall beyond my finger tips rather than stopping right where they end. This way, I won’t be nervous about the dress riding up because of the loose fit. I also tend to like it a bit longer so if I want to add a belt to give a cinched waist, I will still be comfortable with it being a bit shorter.

Accessorize away– Think of the frock as a blank canvas. There are so many possibilities! Add a statement necklace, thin belt, summer scarf, denim vest — there are endless ways to accessorize the frock. By accessorizing it differently each day, you will never get tired of the look. It is like a new dress every day.

Day to Night– It is even possible to wear the frock to the office, then transform it before a night out. For a work or class outfit, try adding a cardigan and leggings with oxford shoes. Tie a belt over the cardigan and add a long chain necklace. For a night out, lose the leggings, change the jewelry and cardigan and add a pair of fun wedges.

Embellishments included–  While I suggest a simple frock, many are sold with details already included, like stripes, sequins and prints. If you are looking for an outfit that is already put together, go for this option, but if you are looking to have some fun with your wardrobe, then accessorize on your own.


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