Frugal Fashion was created for college girls who love fashion! College girls have a lot on their plate these days, not only are they ahead of every class, but also running clubs, being a socialite and some even keeping a part time job! With every thing that is going on in a college girls life, it is also important that they look good doing it, and that is what Frugal Fashion can help with.

I am that college girl. My name is Amanda Willis and is studying journalism at Rowan University. I created Frugal Fashion to help my fellow fashionistas keep a wicked wardrobe while still on a budget. College can be expensive, and I’m sure every one is trying to stretch their penny even further. So what is a fashion-lover to do in these hard times? Be frugal! With every post I plan to aide girls in the right direction and find the greatest bargains! More importantly, I will help find the new styles and trends for cheap!


*photo in header courtesy of tumblr http://backtov.tumblr.com/page/4


Feel free to contact me with any comments or concerns. And check out my entertaining blog, The Sisters’ Soiree



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